Painting of four women

Shared Stories

The Story Salon at The Arts Club

 The Story Salon bases its storytelling program on Reminiscence Theatre.  

The Story Salon includes various genre of music, encourages inter-generational participation, stimulates face-to-face conversation and creates a welcoming environment.

Experienced storytellers from Double Nickels Theatre Company guide us in refining our stories and making them ready for production. 

Storytellers and those interested in storytelling are warmly welcomed to contact us.

The Story Salon, launched under the direction of Antoinette Ford, is held monthly. 

The goals of the Story Salon include creating productions around stories we share and meeting Interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. In addition to Storytellers we welcome those interested in helping create the productions.

You are invited

  • Learn about
    Reminiscence Theatre
  • Share your stories—with the possibility of inclusion in a Double Nickels performance
  • Become a member of this extraordinary theatre enterprise

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Wildflower - Our Mobile Porch

About Our Venue

Our Mobile Porch invites storytellers of all backgrounds to share experiences.  We create community.

On our Mobile Porch we celebrate and welcome gatherings of neighbors and communities. We share our stories and listen to theirs. Through storytelling and performance we learn about differences and celebrate similarities. We call it “Edutainment”.

A Variety of Events


A puppet show for children to tell the story of Frederick Douglass is one of a variety of performances we have.

Private Events


Come join us for Sunday Brunch with live entertainment. We welcome you to some of the finest venues in the Washington area. We have held private events at The Kennedy Center Terrace theater, the Arts Club of Washington and THEARC Black Box theatre, among other venues.

Our Creative Space


Double Nickels Theatre Company

We are a reminiscence theatre. We celebrate the lives of seniors while they can still here their applause. We share these stories, through performance, with our community members and invite others to join and share experiences. We call it ”edutainment”.

Join us on our Mobile Porch

Our Mobile Porch, “Wildflower”, is a welcoming place to share stories, enjoy neighbors, meet new friends and celebrate the contributions of all. We refer to the Mobile Porch as our Creative Place.

Community Theatre at its Best

 Volunteers and retirees work closely with professional performers to interpret the true stories we collect. inclouding art, music, dance and poetry we reach out to our community to celebrate us all.

Join Us

we welcome your participation. Send us a true story. We might be able to include it in a production. We may invite you to perform your story. We work with you to enjoy this wonderfully inclusive way to celebrate your experiences.